It’s about time!

“He who has nothing to say, cannot write”

Welcome to

Why are you starting a blog? –Everyone’s blogging!

I’ve decided to start a blog. Yes, that’s right… I know everyone’s doing it but truth is I’ve been wanting to start one for the past 4 years and just never got to it. Was it time?

But I feel like now I have a reason to blog, I have a consistent, widely relate-able topic to blog about. Or at least so I think.

Edit: I still don’t have a consistent theme. So guess what?? I’m just gonna write.

I’m that tiny person, who has a lot to say.

 As a child my mother would often tell me “He who has nothing to say cannot write”. Whenever I couldn’t write anything, she would remind me of that and it has always stock with me.

So now, I have so much to say, that I write. Poems, articles, journal entries, tweets, Facebook Statuses. I’m writing it all down.

Three years ago, I started on an entrepreneurial path after receiving grant funding for an app idea. This failed. The proof of concept I ended up with was far from what I hoped it would be. But this was my first official welcome into the entrepreneurial world. As I continue my journey, learning from different start-ups, other entrepreneurs etc. I’ve decided to document it, it’s like my breadcrumb trail. I’m documenting my path, my mistakes, the people I meet, the things I learn, everything. A blog is just the best way to do it!

So Welcome to A blog where I document my journey of becoming an entrepreneur. A blog where I highlight women who are chief executives of their lives and the people around them. A blog where I discuss faith, personal finance and business the honest way.

Will I succeed?? Well we’re all watching to see (including me).