Through the bad days

I’ve always admired how strong we are as humans, our ability to suffer loss, instability, uncertainty, insecurity and still make it through. We still find a smile on most days. One of my favourite quotes is “It’s just a bad day, not a bad life”. It’s a gentle reminder that most days are not bad, it’s often just a handful of  bad days in between. God knows, it feels like your entire life is doomed when days are failing to bring you joy.

 often wonder however, what helps people go through those bad days, what gives us that hope? For me, I know having a relationship with Jesus Christ helps me get through those bad days. I remind myself of his undying love toward us, and his plans and thoughts are always good. I find peace and comfort in that belief. It’s not always easy, but it’s definitely comforting.

For those who are unbelievers however, it’s different, so I often wonder where that hope and strength to go on comes from. I’ve found that some use meditation, vacations, books, a good workout at the gym.

I remember points in my teenage years, when I struggled deeply with depression, I would often ask the question why me? Why was I always given the short end of the stick. I could never really keep a friend, we either grew apart or I would often find faults in people and hold it against them. To this day I’ve never experienced having a female best friend. I struggled with my weight, and was insecure at points. I was always the single friend, though by choice, it did feel a bit daunting sometimes. And the list can go on and on…

“It’s just a bad day, not a bad life”

But one thing remained constant for me, and that was love of Jesus. If I am a child of the Prince of Peace, the only source of hope and joy for this world; then even in tough times, I should be reminding myself that I am an heir to peace, joy, happiness, and all that is good.

I admit, sometimes it’s difficult to think He’s really there, but if you look back at those times, you will realize that God always sent someone, he always sent a reminder or something in your life to bring you out of that place.

I’m lucky enough to have to ability to realize my low points in life, and the things that make me feel down or discouraged. Sometimes it’s other people, sometimes it’s your environment, or your situation. Sometimes it takes years, a day, a minute or a conversation. But one thing that is for certain, God has never forgotten me. He always shows up and restores my joy, he gives me hope for an expected end.

I don’t know what I just wrote, but whatever it meant to you, I hope you always remember that God is not dead, neither are your days. Today happened to set you up for the best that is yet to come.