Small Girl, Big Dreams

“You can say I’m a dreamer, But I’m not the only one.” — John Lennon

I’ve met so many people in my life who have given up on dreams. Reality has hit them so hard that dreams are just for sleeping. Little do they know that we create the reality we live in, and it starts with a mindset.

With the right passion and consistency behind ANY dream, it is destined to come true.

I’m a dreamer. Not the subtle type that has this one dream in life; I dream something different every single day. I’m always coming up with a new plan or passion. The people around me no longer take on my ever-changing dreams. Do I think they can all come through? No. I’ve been around long enough to know that not all my bright ideas will succeed nor do they always make sense.

I do believe however, with the right passion and consistency behind ANY dream, it is destined to come true. So when people tell me that they no longer believe in dreams I feel hurt, I feel like my life should be dedicated to making dreams come true, not just mine, but the people around me. I dream, it’s what I do. If there was a company for dreamers, I’d definitely be the CEO of The Dreamers & Co.

Sometimes, I hurt myself by being so capricious-minded. It hinders my concentration. I’m often dreaming up something else before I even begin executing my last two dreams. Just look at how long it took me to actually start this blog. It wasn’t time or any of those excuses that I made. I was simply easily distracted every time I think of getting back to making it happen.

All that dreaming however, led me to here. A passion for entrepreneurship, taking risks, getting my hands in as much as it can reach. The thrill, and rush excites me. I’m no real entrepreneur (yet). But starting this blog signifies the end of my distracted mind, and the start of a smart, strategic one.

I’m constantly, working on turning my dreams into my reality. I’m creating my own reality. No one else will ever be allowed to do that for me.