A VERY public lesson on Humility

Three years ago, I made a public statement about a particular church event. I expressed my disappointment in the changing of the event from a free to paid one. I still stand by that today, but perhaps If I were to go back, I’d word it differently.

This was my first ever public confrontation on social media, this status was the topic in churches apparently for about a week or so. Honestly, I’m glad we started a conversation around it, it’s important that we discuss those things.

Two years later, I attended that same event I spoke out against. Not because I had regrets about my statement, but because my relationship with some of the members there had changed. Some people who I once knew well, would now walk past me without the slightest form of acknowledgment.

As a fellow Christian, I was hurt by this; not only had I been attacked by commentators from the congregation, but now I felt as though I was causing individuals to sin by holding a grudge against me for my words. It disturbed me. I had long forgiven those who turned the situation into a personal attack, but it was evident that some of those involved had not found that forgiveness in their heart.

I hope that you can now release some of that anger you have built up toward me

So it led me to attend the event. I went to “see”. I went out of curiosity, to somehow disprove the statement I made 2 years prior. To find satisfaction that I was wrong, and could instead apologize for being wrong. But instead, I saw everything I had expected.

But in that, I still found a lesson. The very next day ironically, Facebook reminded me of the status as a “memory”. Curious, I went through the comments and conversation along the way. I then remembered thinking “wow that one was harsh”, not necessarily at the comments directed at me, but at the some of the comments coming from me directly. I then realized quickly, how easy it had been for those individuals who have not forgiven me, to be offended even 3 years later.

So this is my public apology.

I know that I can’t expect you to release the grudge without first seeming apologetic. So I will say that I am sorry for the way that I expressed my disagreement. My now older self could have given my younger self some advice on how I should better word the statement, to make it stick with serious contemplation, than make it hurt to stick. I didn’t realize then, that God was breaking my heart for something greater, that is people. My words were not a personal attack, I in no way made any statements to individuals, as I know that a church is run by a body, so this decision was not one person’s.

So with this, I hope that you can now release some of that anger you have built up toward me. I have long forgiven the persons involved. I do however, urge you to seek out the “outsiders”, and the people who share the same view.

My inbox was flooded with messages of agreement, and stories which caused me great concern. As a body, let us always seek to embody Christ. So three years later, I am still being humbled by the situation, and I am so grateful for it.